Saturday, July 21, 2012

Point Well Taken

Exodus 3.7
I've heard their cries of deliverance from their slave masters.
you hear lord! YOU DO HEAR! every prayer we offer up to you! every cry of desperation! every silent wish and hope in you! every word we utter whether in praise and adoration, or in pain and aggravation, or even in daily conversation! but most especially lord, you hear our CRY! not just the good times, but more specifically the bad times! you never turn a deaf ear! YOU HEAR EVERYTHING WE OFFER UP TO DURING OUR MOMENTS OF NEED! right there, right then, lord, you hear our vry for DELIVERANCE! when tough times come, YOU NEVER ABANDON US! you are always there TO BE FOUND! you never keep us at a distance, you never push us away, YOU ALWAYS HEAR US WHEN WE CRY LORD! we will never be left feeling abandoned, unlistened to, NO! everytime we offer a word in anguish, everytime we shoot a look of concern towards you, everytime we bubble up a heartache at you, YOU HEAR, YOU HEAR OUR CRY.

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