Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Keepin Tabs

Genesis 31:49
GOD keep watch between you and me when we are out of each other's sight.
yes lord, though we are all far apart, you are the one keeping watch over us all! though we are not with each other 24/7, you are! and you are not just with us, you are KEEPING WATCH over and among us! thank you lord that you are the one taking care of our families, our children, our loved ones, our everyone - you keep watch over us, our concerns, our life, our love, our all! we may not be within each other's sight right now, but you are the one we can trust, we can love, we can fully depend on, we know and we are founded on. thank you lord that you keep watch BECAUSE YOU CAN! you are ABLE! you are MIGHTY! bigger than our circumstances! bigger than obstacles in our way. and yes, YOU'RE EVEN BIGGER THAN ALL OUR BLESSINGS put together! thank you lord! thank you lord!

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