Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Triple Threat

Genesis 28.17
Incredible. Wonderful. Holy.
yes you are, lord! yes you are! you are INCREDIBLE! you do mighty things that no one else can! you laid out your perfect plan, you said your word, and you did them all exactly the way you said you would! you are amazing, astounding, and awe-inspiring! you move heaven and earth, the elements tremble at your voice! you are WONDERFUL! you made us to be with you! you paid attention to our every need, you strengthen us with your joy, you encourage us with your hope, you comfort us with your love, you secure us with your protection, you bless us with your generosity. you are HOLY! you are the only one of your kind, you are different in the way you deal with us. you are higher than anything and anyone in this world - no situation, no circumstance, no person, no force, no influence, no kingdom is higher than you. be praised.

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