Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Best. Make Sure.

Numbers 18.29
Make sure that God's portion is the best and holiest of everything you get.
oh God may we offer nothing short of our best to you! thank you lord that you do not look for perfection, but for devotion - our absolutely excellent best, our most set-apart! thank you for gracing us with more than we need so we can be excellent with our generosity. thank you for providing for us beyond hat we could ask for so we can be abundantly fruitful in all endeavours. thank you for handing us your word and giving us your spirit understanding so we can be more than equipped to thrive and flourish in you. thank you for planting us in family and birthing us into relationships so we could love and be loved and altogether be the mark of how and what it is to follow you. thank you for unmistakably showing us how to be grateful so our hearts and entire being could forever overflow with praise, worship and gratitude to you!

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