Thursday, February 28, 2013

With You

Numbers 23.21
GOD is with them, and they're with him.
God what a word. what a word, lord! thank you. for such assurance of your presence, just flooding our souls right now. thank you that because of what jesus has done, you have no bone to pick with us. you have no reason to disassociate yourself from us! we are forever granted the mercy, grace and love of being your people, being in your favour, being in your blessing, being on your side, being under your protection, being in your choices, being in your wisdom, being in your light, being in your love, being in your grace, lord! thank you father! you are WITH US, and we are WITH YOU - and that's the only thing that really matters! thank you that we can truly take on the world because you are with us, we will never be lost, we will always be found. blessed be your holy name, praise you lord!

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