Sunday, February 10, 2013

Love God and Love Others

Numbers 17.11
Moses did just as God commanded him.
thank you lord that we have your grace to do just that! for us to do exactly as you command us, for us to live exactly the way you want us to, for us to do your commandment to love you, and to love each other! this is how the whole world will know we love you, when we love each other. and what power you unleash in our unity, our direction of following you and loving and obeying you, and letting this love get around and be spread all over, letting all the ends of the earth know about your fame, your glory, your being - who you are in who we are! thank you lord for your empowering grace, your abundant provision, your touching mercy, your unending love, your towering strength, your eternal victory, your highest vision, your all-encompassing sovereignty. praise you lord!

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