Friday, February 15, 2013

He Hears

Numbers 20.16
When we cried out for help to GOD, he heard our cry.
thank you lord! praise you lord! thank you that whenever we cry out to you, whenever we lift up our hearts in full surrender and ask for your help, you always hear us! you most definitely hear us father, thank you for prayer, for this gift and privilege to address you by name, to lift everything to you in prayer and supplication, for the security that when we call you hear and you always answer perfectly! thank you lord that you are never too late, too early, always on time, but more than that you care! thank you lord that our concerns are your concerns as well, and you know exactly how to respond to them! thank you for never turning a deaf ear to us, for always being our master, our God, one we can trust, one we can depend on, one we can truly hang on to with our very lifeline!

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