Saturday, February 16, 2013

He Sends

Numbers 20.16
He sent an angel and got us out of Egypt.
how you commission your entire host of heaven to accomplish your true, mighty and good deed in and around our lives, lord! thank you lord that you are never ill-equipped, you are never short in supply, you are never over-demanded from, you are never understaffed, you are never insufficient! you are always abundant, you are always tactically perfect, you are always victorious and triumphant, you are always moving in, around and beyond us and our circumstances - whether we are aware or not! oh we praise you lord for all your mighty works in place, for all that you have accomplished, and for all the wondrous things we will never even begin to conceive apart from you! thank you for giving us eyes of faith and a spirit that can trust you no matter what, no matter when, how, who, or where!

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