Friday, February 22, 2013

Tippy Toes

Numbers 23.12
I have to be careful to say what God gives me to say.
thank you lord for such a timely word for us to shape our lives with our speech, and to shape our speech with ONLY YOUR WORD. thank you lord for entrusting to us such a soberingly great power to shape our lives and let it follow what you have written for us using our speech and aligning our lives with your best! lord, thank you for the grace, that unlimited supply, a powerhouse of all things we need for us to obey you - never lacking in supply, always abundant for us to actually hit the right mark and get it right every single time! and thank you for this same grace that grants us the unhampered strength to get up again when we don't quite get it right. lord, how else can we not live for you? how else can we not align our lives with you? praise you! praise you praise you lord!

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