Wednesday, February 27, 2013

One Direction

Numbers 23.20
Now he's blessed -- how can I change that?
amen, thank you lord! whatever you have blessed, whoever you have blessed, no one could change it! nothing could change it! amazing, lord. thank you for such surety and security in you. thank you lord that when your favour flows, it pours. when your guidance comes, it pulls through. when your power comes, it saturates, when your protection comes, it fully covers. when your health comes, it permeates, when your wisdom comes, it gives lasting peace. when your work starts, it ends complete. thank you lord that your will is unbendable, unchangeable, always acting for the best, for your purposes, for your divine sovereignty above everyone and everything else. amen! praise you for being the God that you are, for being who you are, you are the one, true, eternal, living God. thank you lord!

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