Sunday, February 24, 2013


Numbers 23.19
God is not a son of man changing his mind.
oh God how great and mighty you are, great and mighty that your resolve never changes! you stand by what you say and what you do right til the very end! there's nothing wavering about you, nothing faltering - everything secure, everything unchanging, everything to the full and to the hilt, nothing uncertain, always sure! God what a true and mighty God you are! amazing amazing lord! thank you God that what you set out to do, it will surely come to pass! your promise is most certainly as good as done! your salvation is eternally unending! your life is eternally unending! your wisdom is all-encompassingly infinite! your goodness is unmeasurably deep! your provision is securely inexhaustible! your health is untouchably in effect! your power is grandiosely full-strength! your love is inconceivably beyond understanding! thank you lord, praise you praise you!

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