Monday, February 04, 2013


Number 14.35
I, God, have spoken. I will most certainly carry out these things.
yes God! when you speak, you will most certainly bring it to pass! your word will surely be carried out, most certainly, in all surety and security! thank you father for such confidence, such hope, such integrity, such Godhood that only you have, only you possess, and only you will ever be! thank you God that what you have in your word we can hang our very lives on, no matter how tight the circumstance or how high the stakes, with you there is no risk, it's always a sure win, and we have absolutely nothing to fear, nothing to be anxious about, nothing to be afraid of, nothing to be concerned with except just obeying you and following your voice all by your abundant, all-empowering, all-encompassing grace. what a mighty God you are! praise you lord!

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