Saturday, February 23, 2013

Is God

Numbers 23.19
God is not man, one given to lies.
what God you are, lord! what great and mighty God we can trust and hang onto. You are great and you are awesome, and you're full of truth because you yourself are truth. no lies could ever be found in you, and every single word that you have said - every promise in your word, every provision you have given, every breakthrough you have delivered, every identity you have spoken, every good thing that came out of your mouth, every life-giving revelation that you have said, every heart that you have touched, every life that you have redeemed, every truth that we base our decisions on on, everything they have done in the past, everything that you're doing right now, and all things that you will still do in the future -- all of them are truth, all of them will come true and all of them are beautiful because of you!

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