Saturday, June 23, 2012

All Courage

Genesis 26.24
Don't fear a thing because I'm with you.
wow lord! thank you, God! thank you for being with us, WITH us! and not just that, but assuring us that we have NOTHING to fear! thank you for your goodness father! thank you for your love! thank you for all you do! thank you lord because we have NOTHING TO FEAR because YOU ARE WITH US! when we step out of our houses you are with us, when we are alone you are STILL WITH US, when we go about this life YOU ARE WITH US! because you are amazing, lord, and you are GOD even before time began! nothing this world has can ever be used against you, nothing in this world can ever be more important than you! thank you lord for your grace that covers our everything - from health to finances, from emotions to concerns, from family to friends, from our security and stability to everything and anything else that we could ever go through, we have NOTHING TO FEAR because YOU ARE WITH US! thank you lord!

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