Friday, June 15, 2012


Genesis 24.51
Let it be as God had made plain.
yes lord! we will let things be as you have made plain! thank you for your WORD that ever so clearly TELLS US WHAT TO DO! and SHOWS US THE WAY! right to the door lord! you lead and guide us right to the door, and with you nothing has to be complicated, nothing has to be mysterious, EVERYTHING IS MADE PLAIN! thank you lord that we know for sure that you are working towards YOUR best interest at heart, and because of that OUR BEST HAPPENS, TOO! thank you lord for being in total control, thank you that NOTHING CAN DETER FROM YOUR PLAN, no matter what the situation, no matter what the circumstance, NOTHING CAN ALTER WHAT YOU HAVE MADE PLAIN! so we let it be! in our minds, we let your words BE! in our hearts, our lives, in our talk, in our walk, WE LET YOU BE! amen! thank you lord!

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