Sunday, June 10, 2012

No Holds Barred

Genesis 24.27
You have held nothing back!
lord! you have held nothing back! you go all the way! thank you thank you lord! from all our mishaps to all of our mistakes, from all of the triumphs and the high times to the joys and sadness, from every single breath of air that we take right down to saving us SO MANY TIMES from physical to spiritual harm, from our petty and trivial requests right down to the things that shake our foundation, YOU HAVE HELD NOTHING BACK! and we know and we know and we know that we can count on you lord for EVERYTHING and ANYTHING! from our deepest concerns for our family, our loved ones, our kids, our parents, our friends, right down to the things that we can't even ask you of anymore, from the things that need immediate attention right down to the hopes and dreams that can wait, YOU HOLD NOTHING BACK, LORD!

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