Friday, June 29, 2012


Genesis 28.3
May the Strong God bless you.
thank you lord for specifically reminding us today that YOU ARE STRONG! in our weakness, in our sickness, in our fears and battles, YOU ARE STRONG! thank you lord that ONLY A STRONG GOD can PROTECT us, only a strong God can PROVIDE for us, only a strong God can BLESS us only a strong God can DEFEND US, only a strong God can THINK OF THE BEST PLANS and PERFECTLY DO THEM AS WELL! we celebrate you lord because YOU ARE STRONG, and you make yourself strong in our lives! thank you lord for always reminding us about YOU, so we'll keep our focus on YOU, we'll pay more attention to YOU, we'll train our thoughts to be more focused towards YOU, we'll never forget to look at YOU, and always see that no matter how big we think our situations and circumstances are, the one infinitely bigger and STRONGER than all these is YOU!

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