Sunday, June 17, 2012

Never Better

Genesis 24.56
God has worked everything out so well.
wow lord yes you have! oh wow lord, YOU HAVE TRULY WORKED EVERYTHING OUT! EVERYTHING! and not just in a way we'll settle for lack of anything better, no lord, you have done it all SO WELL! thank you lord that with you OUR LIVES COME TOGETHER! our STORIES ARE ALIVE! thank you lord that you are WONDERFUL! thank you lord that you are ALL-KNOWING and ALL-POWERFUL, and you still find time to WORK OUR LIVES INTO YOUR GRAND AND PERFECT PLAN! no wonder everything works out so well lord! NOTHING THE ENEMY THROWS AT US CAN EVER CROSS YOUR PLAN! wow lord thank you so much for that assurance! yes lord! you are everything we've ever hoped for and more! thank you lord!

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