Monday, June 18, 2012

Ready To Go

Genesis 24.58
I'm ready to go.
yes lord, we are ready to go do what you want! no hesitation, no delay, we are ready lord to keep your beautiful work moving in our lives! thank you for the assurance that you have nothing but the best in store not only for us but more importantly for you. thank you lord that when we are faced with any doubt, with any uncertainty, with any opposition or unfavorable circumstance, we can - without a doubt - say that we're READY for what you have for us. no matter how good or "bad" it may seem to the world and in our own experience, we know that NOTHING BUT GOOD comes from you! that's why lord we choose to be always READY for you, we choose to be always on the go for you! thank you lord fo ryour grace, for this realization, and most importantly for you constantly moving in your perfect plan! we love you lord.

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