Saturday, June 02, 2012

Talk to the One

Genesis 21.33
Abraham prayed to the Eternal God.
yes lord, the God we are praying to LIVES FOREVER! you have lived BEFORE time, you ARE PRESENTLY LIVING, and YOU WILL LIVE ON WELL BEYOND ETERNITY! thank you lord! that the one who hears our prayers is not just a common person who can't do anything about them. thank you lord that the one who listens to us is the God who is eternal, capable, able and WILLING to do something about his plan! thank you lord that our prayers are NOT IN VAIN! we know lord that our concerns are not unheard, not trivial to you, and we know that THEY ARE WELL CONSIDERED IN YOUR GRAND SCHEME OF THINGS! thank you so much lord, we love and appreciate you, and ALL THE MORE WE WILL KEEP WORSHIPING YOU, we will keep PRAYING TO YOU! thank you lord! be honored, loved and glorified! amen!

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