Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Genesis 24.60
You're our sister, live bountifully!
And your children, triumphantly!

what a specific, specific word! thank you God! PROVISION and SUCCESS! fruitfulness for you and your children! thank you God for your promise, for this pronouncement of blessing! oh nothing better than a timely word from you! thank you God for such encouragement, thank you lord for such ASSURANCE of ABUNDANT PROSPERITY and SUCCESS IN LIFE spiritually and physically for your children! thank you lord answering our prayers in so short a time! thank you lord for you saw our deep deep concern for this generation, and you came to our rescue right away! thank you lord! blessed be your name, you are truly one of a kind, lord! answer to everything we've ever hoped for, prayed for, dreamed of for these kids and SO MUCH MORE!

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