Monday, June 04, 2012

Being On The Road Gets You There

Genesis 22:8-9
They kept on walking, and they arrived at the place to which God had directed.
yes lord, we will keep going! thank you lord for your grace that makes sure no matter what happens we can keep going, we can keep walking, all our circumstances and situations are temporary! thank you lord that because of you we will make it! no permanent setbacks, nothing that can hinder your plan, we will surely make it to the place that you have directed us to go! thank you lord for guiding us, for directing us, for giving us a path to walk on, a destination to go to, a sure wonderful promise to arrive at. thank you thank you lord! we will not stop, we will keep going! we will let nothing come between your promise and its fulfillment in our lives - we will keep walking steadily, step by step, one at a time, and we will surely get there! thank you lord!

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