Thursday, June 21, 2012

Promise Keeper

Genesis 26.3
I will fulfill the oath that I swore.
thank you lord! you are CONSISTENT, DEPENDABLE and we are SECURE in you, not because of our doing, but because of YOURS! YOU are the one who made the covenant, YOU are the one who KEEPS it, and YOU are the one who's faithful! our part of the covenant is to keep obeying you, lord, and YOU still give us the GRACE to do that! thank you lord! we know that ALL your promises will be fulfilled, BECAUSE YOU SAID SO! we know that we are healthy, we know that we are blessed, we know that we are victorious, we know that we are loved, we know that we have hope, we have provision, and not only us but the generations that you have given to us as well, we know for sure that we can live this life full, complete, and well, because you fulfill the oath that you swore. thank you lord!

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