Saturday, June 16, 2012


Genesis 24.52
He bowed in worship before God.
yes, God, just like when abraham's servant saw how your plan perfectly happened he bowed in worship before you, WE BOW IN WORSHIP AS WELL, lord! thank you for all that you HAVE done, you ARE doing and WILL continue to do! thank you lord for who you ARE! thank you lord for WHAT you are! you are faithful, you are loving, kind and tender, you keep us going with your GENEROSITY - all we ARE, all we HAVE - they're all just because YOU ARE GENEROUS! you are perfectly ON TIME, and YOUR JUDGMENTS ARE ALWAYS ON TOP OF EVERYTHING! thank you thank you lord! you are IN CONTROL of our lives, you are IN CONTROL of our situations, you are IN CONTROL of our circumstances, YOU HOLD EVERYTHING! because that's who you are! thank you lord, we bow in worship before you.

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