Sunday, June 03, 2012

I Will See To It!

Genesis 22.8
God will see to it that there's a sheep for the burnt offering.
wow! what a word of SECURITY and PROVISION! God, himself, WILL SEE TO IT! he will see to it that YOU HAVE WHAT YOU NEED TO WORSHIP HIM! he will MAKE SURE, HE WILL PROVIDE, he will TAKE CARE OF YOUR PROVISION FOR YOU! as you do what you he wants you to do, HE IS ASSURING YOU THAT ALLLLL - EVERYTHING - WILL BE PROVIDED FOR! from that tiny concern that you have in your mind to the biggest petitions in your heart, BE ASSURED THAT YOUR GOD WILL SEE TO IT THAT YOU WILL HAVE WHAT YOU NEED, AT THE EXACT TIME YOU NEED IT, AT THE EXACT PLACE and HIS EXACT PURPOSE! amen amen amen! what a word of PROVISION that just clears away ALL DOUBT, ALL ANXIETY, ALL CONCERNS! God WILL SEE TO IT that there's a sheep for the burnt offering!

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