Friday, June 22, 2012

Impossibly Good

Genesis 26.12
God blessed him.
Thank you lord! you truly, truly blessed us, and you keep blessing us lord! we thank you for EVERY SINGLE THING that has happened, for ALL THAT YOU HAVE DONE! thank you lord, because you are generous, you are ever faithful, and you DON'T LEAVE ANYTHING TO CHANCE! thank you for the blessing of peace, peace that defies human logic, just as you said in your word. thank you for provision! provision that goes much much longer than anything we could ever come up with! thank you for protection that covers us with your presence against every attack of the enemy! thank you for timeliness that never leaves us hanging high and dry! thank you for real hope that lets us look forward to something REAL that will happen in the future. thank you lord for security, love and joy, but most of all, thank you for you! YOU ARE OUR BLESSING, FATHER! thank you lord!

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