Monday, February 18, 2013

Look To You

Numbers 21.8
Whoever looks at it will live.
yes God, whoever looks to you will live! whoever follows and obeys you, always turning to you for provision, for decisions, for choices, for small things, for big things - for everything! will definitely live, not just survive, but live! thank you father for your goodness, for your infinite design, for your well of unending wisdom and foresight! thank you jesus that we could always look to you, look at what you have done, look at all the amazing things that have happened - every single one of them - and just shoot adrenaline to our souls! thank you jesus that your work is complete, never lacks anything, and is always sufficient for anything and everything! whatever our situation is, whatever our circumstance is, we will look to YOU and keep you in front of everything and everyone else!

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