Friday, October 19, 2012

As Needed

Exodus 16.18
Each person had gathered as much as was needed.
amen, lord, thank you for giving us abundantly exact for what you need us to do! thank you that everything that flows to our hands always has a purpose in you way beyond what our purpose is. nothing is up to us, everything is up to you. you are the one who supplies exactly what is needed EVERY SINGLE DAY. there is no lack in you, always abundant and fruitful for your purpose. thank you thank you, lord! we have nothing to fear for tomorrow, you keep doing your part in equipping us to do what we you need us to do for you. what an awesome God, never overlooking anything, never lacking anything, never withholding anything good and great, always abundant, always generous, always overflowing. thank you thank you lord, praise you!

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