Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I Hear You

Exodus 16.9
Come near to God. He's heard you.
yes, lord, you have heard us! we are confident in you that whatever is going on in our hearts and minds and whatever we call out to you you are way ahead of us and know for sure what we are going through! be it adoration, exultation and celebration during our highs, or our concerns, petitions, thoughts and heart-cries during our trying times, you know every single one of them, and we are confident that nothing is wasted in you - you use them all to work out your best plan, singlehandedly and triumphantly achieving what you have planned all along. thank you lord for being so great, so good and so timely. and we can come near to you, thanks to you, holy spirit. thank you for your presence that's always with us. praise you, praise you lord!

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