Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Exodus 19.8
Everything God says, we will do.
yes lord! everything you say, we will do! this is what it means to call you, "lord!" this is what is means to obey you, to be a Christian, to be your people, to be your follower, to belong to you. thank you God for your grace, your never-exhausted grace, that abundantly and powerfully and miraculously lets us obey you, gives us the strength to follow through, gives us the tenacity to keep our decision to obey you and be your people. thank you lord for overcoming all the obstacles to our obedience, for presenting yourself mighty and once-and-for-all defeating our enemy, even our selfish tendencies and self-serving instincts. thank you lord that you truly reign supreme, because that is how this life was meant to be lived - following YOUR purpose, not ours. praise you lord, for being sovereign!

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