Monday, October 01, 2012


Exodus 14.28 Not one of them survived.
praise you lord that none of your enemies survived! no one who has ever gone against you survived, and the victory you shared with us is eternal and never ends! thank you lord that the words you have commanded have done their deed, everyone and everything in your plan fell right into place, none of the enemies ever survived, and no one is coming back to rear its ugly head, none of them will ever come back, none of them ever lived, only your victory, your glory, your honour forever and ever will be displayed because your victory is absolute, your victory is sure, it is eternal and complete. praise you God for being the victor! thank you for your sovereignty over all the earth, over our life, love, provision, fruitfulness, destiny, relationships, health, body, spirit, everything! you cover everything with your unending victory and greatest power. amen!

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