Thursday, October 25, 2012

You Are My Help

Exodus 18.4
God is my help and saved me from death.
amen lord! you are our constant, more-than-able and perfectly timely help. you rescue us ever so strongly, lord! for countless times you have helped us tremendously - from silent heartcries to life-threatening situations, from physical and financial difficulties to spiritual and emotional challenges you always always made sure we will pull through! thank you lord, we are still standing and standing strong, because what matters is not our track record, but our direction. thank you lord saving us from death, from being apart from you, for always giving us your presence, always making sure that we are with you and you are always with us! what a great rescue, what a great and mighty act, and thank you for filling our hearts today with this very hope, giving us strength to keep running with, never holding out on what we need, always abundantly gracious in heart-strength!

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