Tuesday, October 02, 2012


Exodus 14.30
God delivered the Israelites that day from the oppression of the Egyptians.
yes lord, praise you God, thank you! thank you for doing the impossible, for letting us walk right through the middle of the sea on dry ground, the waters forming a wall to the right and to the left. you delivered us from all our oppression, from all our enemies, physical and spiritual! and we look at them dead, all of them, not one of them living, not a single one of them alive, washed up on the shore of the sea, and we forever realize the tremendous power that you brought against them! what power, lord, what glorious, tremendous power that only you have! lord. we are in reverent awe before and trust you lord and your word and your acts, your judgment calls, your timing, your love, faithfulness, provision, blessing, truth, salvation, foresight, sovereignty, protection, peace, security - you taking control of everything, handling everything the best and only way possible, the impossible made possible. amen!

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