Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Exodus 15.16-17
They were struck dumb like a stone, until your people crossed over and entered, O God.
praise you, God, because you do absolutely everything to make your plan happen! your original design, intent, purpose and will comes with your sovereignty that lets it happen just the way you want it, at exactly the time you appointed, and in any way that you see fit happening - so long as what you want happens! no army, no strategy, no attack, no might, no power could ever interrupt, disturb, postpone, sabotage, upturn and upstage your miraculous work, God! they are all struck dumb like a stone before your brandished right arm, helplessly watching your beautiful plan and purpose taking its own perfect time and happening in your most glorious way possible. praise you praise you lord, what a God, what a mighty, mighty God! thank you lord!

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