Monday, October 15, 2012

Morning Has Broken

Exodus 16.6
In the morning you will see the Glory of God.
in our high moments, in the victories and joys that we celebrate and the successes that we find ourselves in, in the mighty and miraculous salvation that we get to live out daily, we will see that everything came about because of nothing and no one else but you! the only reason our hands are fruitful is you! the only reason why we are still standing is you! the only reason why we can obey you is still you! thank you, thank you, God, for such glory evidenced right from your creation to the last detail of our individual and collective lives. thank you lord, for we breathe your inspiration, we live off of your joy, we celebrate your victory, your existence is our substance, your joy is our strength, your victory is our triumph, your mercy is our grace, your words are our heartbeat. what would we ever be without you, lord?

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