Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Exodus 19.11
God will make his presence known to all the people.
thank you lord for your goodness and greatness! thank you lord that in your love you desired to make your presence known to us even while we're still here on earth. thank you for literally bringing heaven on earth! thank you lord that we can be WITH YOU. your presence makes all the difference. you sending the holy spirit to be forever with us is what we need to live this best life you have written for us. thank you lord that you make sure we know that we know that we know your presence, getting rid of all doubt, anxiety, uncertainty, fear and hopelessness in us and blessing us with your truth, security, faith and great hope in you! thank you lord that not just us, but everyone has this same great chance to get to know you and your presence working in their lives. praise you praise you lord!

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