Wednesday, October 03, 2012

What A Victory

Exodus 15.1
I'm singing my heart out to God -- what a victory!
we praise you lord! we thank you lord! we love you lord, praise you praise you! what a triumphant victory, what a glorious display of power, what a tremendous sight to behold, such wisdom, such infinite wisdom, such generous love, such magnificent grace, power, deity! you have thrown both horse and rider to the sea, never to return again, never to do any harm again, all our enemy and his afflictions forever sentenced to nothingness! you are our God, you are our salvation, and what a great, great salvation it truly is! thank you lord, our hearts are bursting, for you not only touched us all and made us whole physically, but you have ensured our spiritual life for eternity! life, with you, made whole! thank you thank you lord, no more attempts from the enemy that matter, no more evil plans that will succeed, no more influences that can touch our lives and the generations after us. thank you, lord, thank you.

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