Friday, October 26, 2012

What a Delight

Exodus 18.9
Delighted in all the good that GOD had done for Israel in delivering them from oppression.
what a God you are, lord! what a God! we are more than overjoyed, we are more than grateful and excited, we are in deep praise of you! how you deliver, how you work, how you bless, how you save, how you do everything perfectly at the perfect time! thank you thank you lord, because you are great, you pulled us out of oppression, and you continue to do so every single time! even the enemy's attempts today have no effect, have nothing to stand against you, because your salvation is permanent, it is great, it is most powerful, and we can appropriate it in any way for our daily lives to progress as you have written! thank you, thank you lord, no one stands a chance against you and your people. praise you God, for answering our requests so generously and graciously, in your perfect wisdom and your complete love. thank you lord, we are overwhelmed, delighted, in awe. we love you lord.

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