Thursday, October 18, 2012

You, Not Us

Exodus 16.11-12
I've listened. You will eat and eat your fill; and you will realize that I am God, your God.
thank you lord for constantly reminding us that YOU, not US, are the provider. YOU, not US, are God. oh lord may we never forget this. when we are at out highs because we started out by putting you in the center of our everything, may we not push you aside just because things are starting to turn out really well. lord, may we never find a reason to turn our backs on the very choice we made that brought us to where we are right now. right and left, front and centre miracle upon miracle, showers of blessing flwoed to all around us, heaven raining bread, earth yielding fruit, spirit at peace, mind and soul at rest in your sovereignty, because YOU were in the centre, YOU were God in our minds, hearts, lives. holy spirit, keep it that way in us. thank you, praise you lord!

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