Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Right Chord Struck

Exodus 15.14
Yes, even the head men in Edom were shaken, and the big bosses in Moab.
your rule, your reign, your power rings out through the earth and beyond the universe, lord! your mighty works and your amazing deeds big and small strike fear in all who goes against you but gives strength to everyone who follows you. your enemies stand no chance, lord, from the highest to the lowest ranks they are all struck dumb like a stone before your right arm. no one could ever go against you and succeed, nothing could ever run counter your plans and flourish. you are the ultimate and only one above all, working out your only plan, which works out the best for you and all your people. thank you, we are very thankful for you, lord, we would not even have life itself without you. praise you lord, bless you, your praise be shouted, your victory be raised, your fame be made higher. praise you praise you praise you!

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