Saturday, October 27, 2012


Exodus 9.11
God is greater than all gods because he's done this to all who treated Israel arrogantly.
amen, lord, amen! you are truly greater than all, no matter what you do or NOT do. thank you father, for delivering us powerfully from the power of our past, from the power of present and from the power of our future. thank you lord that everything the enemy tries to throw at us - ALL of them - we have already been delivered! you have specifically delivered us from oppression (v.10), so we are sure and confident that we can go on living the life you have purposed and have so wonderfully written with all security, peace, fruitfulness and protection in you! thank you lord that we can certainly trust you, because no on who trusts you is ever put to shame! we are victorious, conqueror and successful because YOU, our God, the God above all, are victorious, conqueror and successful. praise you lord!

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