Sunday, October 07, 2012


Exodus 15.7
In your mighty majesty, you smash your upstart enemies.
amen lord! because of your mighty majesty, because of your profound sovereignty, because you are in perfect control with your immeasurable power, your enemies are smashed right from the get-go, right from the very start of their plans! the enemy has not even executed his plans yet he is already smashed! just as any plan of the enemy is seemingly starting to take place, he is stopped dead in his tracks! that's how powerful you are, lord, no one can go against you. right from the inception of any idea, any plan, any device against you, they are all mightily broken to pieces and rendered utterly powerless! amen amen amen, lord! thank you for including us in your victory, because as nothing and no one could ever go against you, we can positively hope and praise you because we are graciously included in your sovereign victory! thank you thank you lord!

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