Thursday, March 28, 2013

At Home

Exodus 33.53
Take over the land and make yourself at home in it.
thank you lord that once you give us something it truly is ours for the taking to do what you want us to do with it and not just that but we can be at home with what you've given! thank you lord that we can dream, we can love, we can be fruitful and we can be creative in what you give us. thank you that we can let our guards down and fully trust in you and live in you because you are our source, our security, peace, hope, fruitfulness and provision all lie solely on you. thank you lord that whatever our hands touch and work on will prosper when we choose to have you as our being, to flourish in you as our master, the one we obey and look to for everything. thank you lord that you never fail, you never stop, you never end. amen!

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