Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Got Ilk?

Numbers 24.7
Their king will tower over Agag and his ilk.
amen, lord! thank you for ensuring that the leaders you have set for will forever be victorious in life with us because of what you have done! thank you lord that the enemy doesn't stand a chance over us - our inner man, our whole being, our people, our land - because you have already won the victory in all aspects - spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically! what a great God you are! towering over our enemies - leader, cohorts, properties, everything! thank you lord that we have truly nothing to fear, and you continue to be strong and faithful on your account in our behalf! what an amazing, true life we get to live in you, and we know lord that you are the one true victor, the one true promise-keeper of all good things sure to come! praise you lord!

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