Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Generations

Numbers 24.7
Their seed will spread life everywhere.
amazing God, because your design and your grand plan never stops with us, but more wondrously goes way on to the generations after us! thank you lord that if we care so much about the generations then so much more do you! you've always had your heart, your plan, your sights set on the ones coming after you, never just about you and yourself, but always about the ones coming after you and those coming after them. thank you lord that if we love our kids, our children whether physical or spiritual or relational, you love them even more and have had your sights set on them even before the beginning of time! praise you lord that your infinite wisdom and foresight have seen the generations well ahead of their lifetimes and have carefully crafted your perfect, irrefutable plan for them in your generous compassion and perfect security! thank you thank you lord!

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