Friday, March 15, 2013

Them Bones

Numbers 24.8
Crushing their enemies' bones, snapping their arrows.
what victory we have because you brought us out of death and into life! thank you God for defeating our enemies from where it matters - spiritually, and extends right to the physical! thank you lord for taking care of every single aspect of our life, knowing full well the battles that will be thrown at us as we live the life you created us for. thank you for your amazing foresight, for being out of our situation, for seeing the whole picture, and for having the wisdom, power and grace not really to react to our circumstance but to enforce your perfect will and story - the will so untouched, unscathed by whatever is going on in our world! your truth prevails! your life, your health, your provision, your love, your timing, your presence, your decisions prevail. praise you lord!

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