Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Numbers 24.1
God wanted to bless Israel.
yes lord, it has always been your desire, your utmost longing, to bless your people! thank you lord that what you want is pure, what you want is true, and what you want surely happens! thank you lord for blessing us with life, for blessing us with our union with you, for raising our spirit back from the dead and reuniting us in perfect communion with you! thank you lord that because of that we have true peace, we have true security, no matter what winds blow our way, no matter what our situation, no matter what our circumstances are! thank you lord that you are tried and tested, thank you lord that what you bless no one can curse, thank you lord that we can truly rest in you and truly love and bless others and move in the direction that you have for us, unimpeded, unrestricted, undefeated! thank you lord!

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