Saturday, March 09, 2013

If God Has Not, How Can I?

Numbers 23:8
How can I damn whom GOD has not damned?
praise You God, because truly no one could ever go against anyone you have blessed, anyone in your favour. thank you lord that when you pronounced your blessing on us, it was for real and it was for good! thank you lord that what you did on the cross puts us in righteous favour and infinite blessing forever before you, not because of our own merits but because of your infinite generosity! thank you lord that what you have done, what you are continually doingmand what you will do are never reversible, always continuing, always carrying out your great deed, your amazing work nothing short of miraculous! what truth, what confidence, what security in our standing before you based on your saving grace, your empowering holy spirit, your eternal love. praise you praise you lord!

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