Monday, March 11, 2013

Brim 'em!

Numbers 24.7
Their buckets will brim with water.
amen! yes lord, this year will indeed be the year of restoration, and overflowing beyond what is ours to go to everyone else around us! thank you lord that you are extremely generous in your sovereignty, you know lack right down to the depravity that your compassion just overflows out of who you are and right into us so we will always have you to be abundant and generous with no matter what depravity the enemy throws at us! thank you lord that you're design has always been to overflow with your presence, your life-giving water, your mighty enabling fire, your unending provision, your glorious health from our hearts right down to our bodies, thank you lord! you are the worthy infinite source of our abundant praise and we give you back all the glory and honour you deserve in our absolute everything! praise you lord!

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