Saturday, March 30, 2013


Exodus 33.55
Everyone you let stay there will become a cinder in your eye and a splinter in your foot.
God may we take this seriously in our lives, to let nothing and no one get in the way of our relationship with you, in the dwelling of our inner man in you. may we see the true worthlessness of everything and everyone else apart from you! may no one take center stage other than you, may we not even consider the thought of replacing you with something comfortable, something nice, something convenient. may we consider everything dead and lifeless apart from you. this is what real invasion entails in our hearts - let everything else be void of life other than what you have included in your word and your plan. this is what death to all the rest means - that they have no appeal to us anymore, no appetite for them at all, but only for you, and things of you, and your plans, and your everything! amen!

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